Some homeowners choose to have trees in their yards to increase the curb appeal of their homes. On the other hand, others might aim for something entirely different and unique, such as adding shade. Places surrounding the Bay Area have abundant shade trees in supply. Thus, they need Tree Care in the Bay Area. Trees are really good at providing ample benefits to people, as well as the communities they reside in. They demand long-term proper care, because that is essential for maximizing all benefits the trees have to offer. You can choose to protect our trees by hiring arborists that know how to provide proper care for them. They will help in sustaining the life of a tree, as well as other long-term advantages.

Different shade trees and ensuring the shade from them

Like various kinds of structure, there are different shade trees that make for various shade flavors. For instance the silver maple, honey lust and silk trees make broader shadows of light shade relatively. This is because they are deciduous in nature and allow the sunlight through while winters bare them. Date Palm, Pine and Magnolia make for darker shades throughout the entire year, hence Tree Care in Bay Area is necessary.

Calling the tree specialists

While most trees are functional as shade sources, some of the species grow fast extremely. This requires the homeowners for thinking of various ways in controlling the growth. For instance, silver maple, grows by twenty to ten inches each year and reaches the height of hundred feet besides seventy feet width. For this particular reason, silver maple plants once require the pruning at least, as part of Tree Care in Bay Area. This has to be done during the formative stage. Homeowners that cannot handle pruning needs of trees can certainly resort to help from tree specialists in the Bay area.

Various methods of pruning for effective tree care

Pruning in fact has multiple definitions, but significantly that means parts of the plants or trees have to be removed for better functionality and aesthetics. Although, some homeowners might want to have their trees pruned themselves, it is the specialists that are trained for tasks like these. Here is a look at all of the methods of Tree Care in Bay Area.

Raising the crown

In this, there is removal of low-lying branches. This method’s ultimate goal is providing vertical clearance, especially when branches have been obstructing walkways or pathways. Universal rule for the raising of crowns is not removing more than thirty percent of branches that are living per season.

Reduction of crown

This method is considered ideal for the trees that grown excessively large for the respective spaces they are in. while this term, hints to focus on the tree’s topmost part or canopies, it might not be the case always. Reduction of crown means cutting certain parts, for not just reducing height of the trees but the spread as well and ultimately the overall shape.


With the method of thinning, overall weight of the crown is reduced significantly. This permits better air movement and light penetration. For more information visit Our Website