Tree pruning or trimming needs to be done with perfection. When done properly, all trees stay healthy and look manicured.Tree pruning is not all about trimming the branches, but safely removing the unwanted and overgrown branches without damaging the growth of the tree. Here is a complete guide on techniques for Tree trimming in Dublin CA.
Choose the Right Time to Prune: The first tip for pruning trees is to choose the right time to prune. Different trees have different suitable times that are considered best for pruning. So, one should check with professionals on this respect to prune the trees in their best suitable time, so as to prevent harm to their overall health. Generally, a tree is thought to be pruned in its dormant season.
Check the Size of Branch: Second useful tip for tree pruning is to be alert about the size of branches, you need to prune. Try to remove branches that are less than five centimeters in diameter while pruning, else you may by mistake cut the main trunk and harm the tree.
Trim Weak Narrow Branches: According to professional Tree pruning service in Dublin CA, trimming weak narrow branches of a tree is the best way of tree pruning. Particularly, those V-shaped branches or the ones with U-shaped branches are easier to prune and will enhance the overall health of a tree.
Prune when Branches are Young: Another tip provided to us by Tree pruning professional in Dublin CA is to prune the branches when they are young. This is because younger branches are easier to manage and there is also less chance of scars to be leftover after pruning.
Avoid Trimming a Long Branch: On the other hand, experts suggest that always trim or prune a branch that is either too long or too close. This is not all; while pruning, never leave a big stub and remove the main branch collar.
Prune Branches that Run Against Other Branches: At the same time, while Tree trimming in Dublin CA, make sure to prune the branches that either cross each other or run against each other.
Avoid Pruning more than 1/4th of Crown: Lastly, always avoid pruning more than 1/4th of a living crown of a branch or tree. Doing so may hamper the overall growth of a tree. In case, you wish to cut more than that, then plan ahead and do so but not in one go but over a period of time slowly and steadily.
To conclude, it can be now stated that those wishing to indulge in tree pruning must now be more confident on how to do it exactly. It will help you get the trees to stay healthy and look good on your property. To read more Click Here